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2011-10-12, 17:17

Jod och insulinkännslighet

Hittade det här på en tråd på the perfect health diet:

Thought this might be of interest.

It was while treating a large 320-pound woman with insulin dependent diabetes that we learned a valuable lesson regarding the role of iodine in hormone receptor function. This woman had come in via the emergency room with a very high random blood sugar of 1,380 mg/dl. She was then started on insulin during her hospitalization and was instructed on the use of a home glucometer. She was to use her glucometer two times per day. Two weeks later on her return office visit for a checkup of her insulin dependent diabetes she was informed that during her hospital physical examination she was noted to have FBD. She was recommended to start on 50 mg ofiodine(4 tablets) at that time. One week later she called us requesting to lower the level of insulin due to having problems with hypoglycemia. She was told to continue to drop her insulin levels as long as she was experiencing hypoglycemia and to monitor her blood sugars carefully with her glucometer. Four weeks later during an office visit her glucometer was downloaded to my office computer, which showed her to have an average random blood sugar of 98. I praised the patient for her diligent efforts to control her diet and her good work at keeping her sugars under control with the insulin. She then informed me that she had come off her insulin three weeks earlier and had not been taking any medications to lower her blood sugar. When asked what she felt the big change was, she felt that her diabetes was under better control due to the use of iodine. Two years later and 70 pounds lighter this patient continues to have excellent glucose control on iodine 50 mg per day. We since have done a study of twelve diabetics and in six cases we were able to wean all of these patients off of medications for their diabetes and were able to maintain a hemoglobin A1C of less than 5.8 with the average random blood sugar of less than 100. To this date these patients continue to have excellent control of their Type II diabetes. The range of daily iodine intake was from 50 mg to 100 mg per day. All diabetic patients were able to lower the total amount of medications necessary to control their diabetes. Two of the twelve patients were controlled with the use of iodine plus one medication. Two patients have control of diabetes with iodine plus two medications. One patient had control of her diabetes with three medications plus iodine 50 mg. The one insulin dependent diabetic was able to reduce the intake of Lantus insulin from 98 units to 44 units per day within a period of a few weeks.

Har andra erfarenheter av bättre blodsocker och mindre insulin efter jod tillskott i maten? eller högre bs v. brist på jod?

Jag äter nu jodberikat salt, men det är svårt att direkt se skillnad. Intressant iallafall.

2011-10-22, 15:25

Jag tycker att man alltid ska äta jodberikat salt, vare sig man är diabetiker eller ej. Jodbrist kan förekomma i Sverige beroende på var man bor. Sköldkörtlen behöver jod


2011-10-22, 19:17

Ja, men extra bra att ha koll om det går få så bra resultat som denna kvinnan med diabetes. Många undviker jo salt generellt, då kan jo tilskott vara nödvändigt.via tabletter.

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